Most clients are afraid of making their lashes fall out, so they barely clean or avoid washing them altogether. When the reality is washing them will actually make them wear better and longer. Along with your lashes, you want to be sure that your follicles stay clean and healthy. If not, the follicles of your eyelashes can get clogged with debris/makeup. This will cause the natural eyelashes to be unable to grow appropriately and may become red and irritated along the lash line.

Here are steps to best care for your lash extensions so they will wear long and stay beautiful!

You will need
– Baking soda
– Baby shampoo
– Purified water
– A clean, sanitized foamer bottle (optional)
– Microfiber brushes

~ In the foamer bottle, mix 1 parts baby shampoo to 3 parts water and 1tsp baking soda

~ Dispense the mixture onto your fingers and gently massage the cleanser using upward strokes into the root of your eyelashes. Using microfiber brushes are also a great way to get the cleanser to the root/lash line. Repeat if you are wearing heavy mascara.

~ After cleaning well along the lash line, either splash your face with water or use a washcloth to gently wash away the cleanser.

~ Pat the skin above and below your eyes, brush the extensions and let your lashes air dry. You can follow with your hairdryer on a low setting to fluff.

Cleaning your lashes should be done daily, this can be done while cleansing your face. If there are a few lashes in the sink, don’t worry they were likely to come off any moment anyway.