The Lady Code takes Lashes seriously! We are intently focused on YOUR lashes. We use the highest standards in sterilization, check for proper room humidity for best adhesion of your lashes, and focus on your desired results. There is much more to be considered then meets the eye when choosing your lash extension venue. We have brought lash extensions to a superior level.

Nowhere else will you receive such personalized service and attention to detail. A perfect mixture of skilled application and lash quality…you will absolutely love them!

WARNING …they are addictive!

When you come in for your appointment, our lash extension specialist will help customize a set perfect for your facial features as well as your personal style. We offer a few different types of eyelash extension types:

Real Mink Lashes are made with 100% pure mink fur. These lashes are perfect for creating a natural, sexy look.

Synthetic Fiber Mink Lashes are black, silky and curled to perfection. These will give you all the lash length and thickness you need to create a more stunning look.

Synthetic Silk Lashes are more fine, softer and flexible creating a more natural but still glamorous look.

Want to add some color to your lash! We also carry fun, sexy colored lashes!

If when you get home and are unhappy with you lash application, we would be happy to adjust them free of charge up to 2 days after the initial application.

Flirt Set/65 Lashes per eye

Certified Lash Artist     175.     |      Senior Lash Artist     190.

Glamour Set/85 Lashes per eye

Certified Lash Artist     200.     |      Senior Lash Artist     215.

Dramatic Set/100+ Lashes per eye

Certified Lash Artist     250.     |      Senior Lash Artist     275.

                         +Silk     15.     |      +100% Real Mink     30.

Lash Fill/20 Lashes per eye
Fills should be done every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full and beautiful set of lash extensions. A fill will consist of cleaning, removal of grown out lash extensions and new extensions are then applied.

Certified Lash Artist     50.     |      Senior Lash Artist     60.

+Extra Lashes 20.for 20 Lashes     +Silk 5. + 100% Real Mink 15.

For new clients scheduling with us that have lashes from another salon and desire a fill with us, please let us know. It may take a bit longer and we can schedule the needed time. An additional $10 will apply for new client fills.

Lash Removal 30.

If you wish to have your eyelash extensions removed for any reason, it is important to have one of our lash specialists remove them for you. We will use a proper solution that will dissolve the adhesive with minimal damage to your natural lashes.

Lash Fixing Prices vary upon consultation.

If you are unhappy with the lash application from another salon, we are happy to fix them for you!

Lash or Brow Tint 25.

Accentuate those beautiful eyes with a lash or brow tint. This is great if you would like to darken lighter colored hair to create a more dramatic effect without the need for mascara! Results last 4-6 weeks or the natural growth cycle of your hair.

If you would like a lash tint before your extension application, we ask that you do this at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Retin-A users must wait 6 weeks after last use before waxing. Accutane users must wait 6 months after last dose before waxing.

Lip 12.
Chin 12.
Sides 15.
Brow shaping 20.
Full Face (excluding brows) 45.


Facials 90.

Acne Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Facial
Enzyme Vitamin C Facial

Please note – skin allergies and sensitivities are rare but if you may have a concern, we recommend you come in a week before your appointment and do a patch test. The Lady Code uses the highest quality products and sanitation protocols. However, The Lady Code is not liable if a reaction occurs due to our products.